Layers Shifting on Y-axis SV06 Plus

I am new to 3D printing, I have had my Sovol SV06 Plus for 2 weeks. The first 15 or so prints I made using the default settings were perfect. They were also small to medium sized prints, mostly organizer inserts for board games. I was starting to make larger holders for cards and such and now (even using default settings) there is a shift almost every time on the y-axis usually between .25"-.375" from the base. I made sure all proper slides are lubricated, the bed and nozzle are leveled. I’m not sure what settings I would have to adjust to prevent this from happening. Is my print temp too high? Or my speed to fast?

Two things:
1: Make sure the power cord in not caught in the frame…under the bed.
2: Check the belt tension for the Y-axis.

Thank you! Adjusting the belts seemed to have done the trick.