Warranty - new extruder?

Hello – I ordered a SV06 Plus recently (Order #32149), and have been having a lot of fun with it.
However, I recently got a giant blob of filament, wrapped around the entire print head and the thermistor wiring. I tried to do the right thing and melt the filament off, but it took the thermistor wiring with it.

Since my printer is under warranty, can I get a new extruder sent to me? Thanks very much for your time.

I’d also be interested in buying a small supply of silicone socks, since these seem like they’d rip more easily.

Email their contact email. Best way to get in contact with them. They also have a facebook group.

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Did you manage to find a source for the silicone socks? The tight fit between the heat block and the fan duct pinches on it and I have already ripped the one that it came with.

Only source is them that I know if.

It’s not on their website, or at least I couldn’t find it. It comes with a new extruder, but I just want the sock alone.

You will need to write them. Also you want to trim their already trimmed corner another 1mm to keep it from dropping down.