Issues experienced with printer from 3DJake

Good Evening

I received an S06 Plus as gift at beginning of June supplied by 3DJake supplier and immediatly had issues with the filament sensor failing to sense filament thus stopping prints. This has been reported via Sovol email and no resonse.

This weekend the extruder stop feeding filament automatically yet using the lever to release clutch I can manually extrude filament so no blockage and the extruder fails to retreat filament also. I have many printers and this is my 2nd S06 Plus.

The difference is this model seems to be an older version as one ordered from amazon has a newer hotbed cable that is solid as I know was an issue with earlier models. I have reached out to supplier regardig extruder and no response so my printer is currently a large expensive paperweight.

Its obvious that planetary gear system has failed with minimal use and would appreciate some form of contact fro Sovol.

I would like to point out the later model purchased from Amazon has worked flawless and not missed a beat and does not suffer from the same issues.

Many Thanks


Sovol usually takes 2 weeks to replay to the 1st email, then about a week for the next.
Since it came from 3DJake, most likely your going to have to go through them.

For what it’s worth, I ordered my SV06 Plus from 3DJake about 2 weeks ago and I got the later (?) version with the reinforced bed heating cable. (It’s pretty beefy and has a large strain relief clamp)

No problems with mine yet that weren’t caused by mistakes on my part or lack of familiarity with some aspects of the operation of the printer. Touch wood it’s been printing about 2 weeks non stop without issues.

Thanks for response, I can confirm 3DJake have been brilliant and video’s have been provided and they have confirmed the faults and escalated to Sovol to approve replacement parts.

I cannot fault their support and would recommend as a supplier.