SVO6 Heater Block screw stripped upon delivery

Well, I am glad I did check each screw/bolt before I attempted to fire up this printer I got 2 days ago.

As I was assembling it, I found quite a few screws that needed a gentle tightening; nothing horrible, but it might have made a real difference in a critical print job.

Everything went well until I picked up the direct drive extruder and noticed the fan shroud looked out of place and that the print nozzle block was not square with the rest of the extruder. I removed the fan, shroud and heater block silicone cover and confirmed that the heater block was not parallel to the face of the extruder assembly.

I then took an hex wrench and proceeded to remove the two heat block screws. One screw came out fine, but the second one would not back out. It just spun in the socket and refused to come out. When I turned the block over and tapped it gently against my hand, the screw fell out. The threads on the extruder for this screw are stripped and the screw will not tighten.

I have to wonder if this isn’t a problem that would lead to a giant blob of filament oozing out of the join between the extruder and the heater?

What is really frustrating is that I haven’t even been able to print a benchy for fear of blowing a big glob of filament out and ruining my thermistor or whatever.

I got my printer, but I can’t use it. :face_exhaling:

I have emailed support. Maybe they can send me another extruder assembly as I don’t see anyway of repairing stripped threads in such a thin aluminum shell.

I hope this doesn’t take too long.

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Did they resolve this issue for you?

I just today got a response from support requesting my serial number. We shall see…

I am being sent a “Nozzle fixing seat *1, M2.5x10 hex cylindrical head (200703005414) *4” as a warranty response.

Not real sure this will fix the problem of the threads being stripped in the head shell itself, but I will withhold judgement until the part arrives.

Without an exploded parts reference, who can tell?

It would seem a basic courtesy when selling a 3D printer that you provide a schematic to positively identify the parts you need and possibly order.

Warranty replacement part is in the grubby clutches of USPS, winding it’s way through their mule train delivery system.

Replacement parts take a LONG TIME to get to you!

OK, got my replacement part today and thankfully it is the correct part!

I was worried it would be some part unrelated to my issue, but Sovol sent the right part.

Other than it being a long time, support does seem to listen.


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It seems like most parts have to come from China. The hardened nozzles I ordered are taking their time getting here.

They have a presence in the states