Where to get a new sillicone sock

I ducked up my sock on my sv06 plus.
Had a prin failure and while cleaning up i poked a hole in it and ripped the bottom tip off.

But regular volcano sock seems to be different or will it fit just fine?

Have you look at there

Or send a message to Sovol ?

Yeah theyvonly sell the full hotend.

Ill tryvto message them didnt even think of that haha

Yep, you’ve right, $33 for a piece of silicone, it’s expansive.

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Hi, I had a bad print when it came loose from the bed, and my sock filled up with filament, it took me a few hours, side cutters and a hot gun, to get the sock off and all the filament off the hot end. I didn’t want a repeat issue, so I left the sock off altogether, I have done about two rolls worth of filament printing since then, and it doesn’t seem to have made the slightest bit of difference to the operation of the printer.
My suggestion is leave it off.

Not sure if your problem comes from the sock.
I had the same problem twice which, finally, was due to a hotend leak.
Besides sovol is replacing me at the moment the complete extruder.

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No, mine was definitely caused by the bad print causing a buildup of filament which blocked the hole in the silicon sock, after that the sock just filled up like a balloon, and when it was full it started oozing out around the top of the sock and glued it in place. I had to remove the whole head assembly, and everything else, until I just had the hot end. With the heat gun and a pair of side cutters and a surgical knife I carefully removed enough filament to get the sock off, and then I just kept working until I got back to the metal of the hot end, it was completely covered in filament. I put it back together, replaced the nozzle with a new one, and it’s worked perfectly since.

The first time I had that problem, I proceeded exactly like you and I also thought it was related to improper use of the printer on my part.
I therefore also carried out a deep cleaning of the extruder by peeling off all the melted filament.
But after a few weeks the problem came back.
That’s why I got in touch with sovol to solve the problem.
But, it’s possible your trouble was different.

Update first comtacted sovol they topl their time.
Then after giving order number and stuff.
They said becausr i ordered from amazon they couldnt help.

A week later i noticed a week old mail from their amazon team in my unwanted folder.
Quickly replied and they have sent me a replacement its at a airport in china right now but i am getting my replacement:)

Also ordered a couple volcano socks but i think the hole for the nozzle is in the wrong spot for the svo6 plus ill update once i have them

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Just for others yes the volcano socks are wrong for the hotend of the sv06+ but they have become available on the sovol site and probably amazon by now or in a while

Sovol website (Iknow, it looks like an alibaba malware shitshow) has them in stock as a 5 pack.

you can get a e3d volcano sock to stay with a trim, and a quality ziptie

Is it really worth saving a little money if you have to use a zip tie…??

For me? No, my DD is an AMG.

But for all who have old volcano sox around, an option

I removed my sock and never put it back on as there didnt seem to be a reason to.


When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead…

Socks are now for sale

(Sovol 3D Printer Hotend Silicone Sock, Silicone Cover for SV06/SV06 Plus/SV07 (5 pcs))

Is that a zip tie that can withstand 300 degrees C or a normal zip tie ? :wink:

Well, it doesn’t have to operate at the number you quoted, does it.