Filament kinks at extruder, causes print to malfuntion

Got an issue with filament s and extruders.
Filament kinks at extruder, stops feeding during print.
Have swapped out extruders and filament, same issue.
Have taken extruders apart, cleaned gears, serviced and still the same.
I am starting to think main board or software, currently using Ulitamker 5.4 but it happened with last version too.
Appreciate any advice.

See photos

Can you take another picture of the whole printer, I want to see where your feeding the filament from & how you have the spool mounted…from the top or from the side.

Thx for the quick response.
I have it setup standard with spool mount, used a filament guide but removed it when these issues started. Have owned 2 SV06s for awhile, a few problems here and there, experimented a lot with filaments, nozzle sizes, software tweaks, but this is a new one. Cureently use SunLu filaments.
Additional photos shows 2 extruders used last night, same results, backed up filament in the extruder. Thought filament, changed filament, used a fresh roll out of packaging, same results, same with PETG.
I have a spare mainboard, gonna swap it out today, new cable and some spare parts in route, (new extruder, upgraded Copper+Titanium Alloy Bi-metal Heat Breaks (3pc), wiring harness and run ourt sensor kit).
Got a feeling heat fan issue, or board glitch. Servicing my 2nd machine today, bearings and some things, waiting on parts so really stuck at the moment.
Any advice is appreciated.

OK, you’ve got filament wrapping around the gears.
Check your grub screws & check the tension arm…tighten them…also did you replace the little spring when last removed…??

Yup, got spare springs.
Think I figured it out.
Serviced 2nd SV06, got it up and running, took one of the extruders, cleaned it up again, mounted on 2nd printer, no issues.
Noticed block cooling fan on trouble printer was only kicking in on filament changed, thought that was odd.
Serviced machine, cooling fan running during print temp/bed level calibraition printed perfect.
Being it hapeened with multiple extruders, swapping the board out, new cable and adding a filament sensor. Should do the trick.

Thx for the advice, appreciate it.