Using the USB port

Hello everyone,
Can we use the USB port with a pendrive instead the MicroSD card for the printing?

I tried it, unfortunately it does not work.

No, but you can purchase a Beagle camera and connect to the USB that way, it has the added advantage of lapse time recordings of your prints. You can also connect to your printer remotely from your phone or other device and check your print while away from home.

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I cannot get my SV06+ or SV06 to connect to anything via the micro USB port.
I tried windows 10, four flavors of linux on laptops, and finally a raspberry Pi.
nothing sees the printers or even detects the serial controller in both printers.

I use octoprint at a raspi 4 on my sv06 and they find the correct port an connect it. You tried already a different cable? Maybe it’s only a charging micro USB cable with two wires inside, I had also the problem that my printer will not connect after I changed the cable it’s working.

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My Windows pc needed a Serial USB driver.
This one worked with Cura and found it correctly after installing the driver.