Dumb Question SV07 Connect via USB

Super Dumb quesiton. Can’t find answer anywhere. I am trying to connect to my printer via usb. Serial Port Shows in Device manager when I plug in (USB C printer to USB A Computer). First tried via octoprint with klipper plug in. Set to Autodetect and it couldn’t find any port to respond. I then tried putty setup for serial and on COM5 and speed 150000. Opens terminal window but can’t type anything.

I am just waiting on school tech to come put in passkey for wifi, but I would like to use usb if need.

Honestly, I don’t think you can access it via usb, you can put your print file on a thumb drive and access it that way…

If I’m wrong about the isb connection would some one chime in on that it’s actually a good question.

I would also like to know why this doesn’t work?

There was a post that they got rid of.
For Klipperized S6/+.
. This should be plug and play, have tried multiple webcams
, that work with Linux.

Other people have phones set up.
But FAQs and tutorials are not made, try searching YouTube but then it’s Cura.
Shouldn’t matter but can’t get to work.

You can try with RAPETIER-HOST. It works fine with my SV04 printer

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll run through that need week in class during downtime.

155200 , either 3 or 4 for me

Laptop keybord make printer move

Much smiles