SV01 Pro no USB connection to any computer

Decided to dive into Octoprint mostly for networking capabilities. USB connection is something I didn’t try before now. Annnnd…I cannot connect to this thing via Raspberry Pi, my desk top or my laptop. Windows doesn’t even recognize I plugged anything in. So far I have tried:

Every USB port possible on each device
15 different cables
With and without tape over the power pin
Uninstall/reinstall Pi software multiple times
Opened up the bottom cover of the printer, did not see any evil there
Have tried Cura that came with printer 1.3.0
Tried the newer version 1.5.6

Printer Firmware version 1.2.0
Marlin Version

***Note: this printer works near flawlessly loading the G-Code on SDcard and printing from the touchscreen


did you get this fixed? I am having the same problem with my SV06 and SV06+