How do you connect the printer to a PC?

So I’m monkeying around with Sovol3d Cura and in the Update Firmware area it says “Firmware can not be updated because there is no connection with the printer.”. I’ve got the USB cable connected to my PC, and I see the Device Manager flicker when its plugged in and unplugged. What do I need to look for here?

This printer is getting very frustrating. I’m following online guides, and manuals and things are just not going well.

Because I’ve used my maximum number of new topics, I’m hoping someone from Sovol support see’s this sub post, because it is a separate issue, but the forum won’t let me post it for another 16 hours and I want this machine working already. I’ve been working on it for 12 hours already with set back after setback and I’m getting beyond my tolerance for patience. See below:

“Well, after a frustrating day, with only a pair of mirrored test cubes to show for it, now it appears that something is wrong with my left extruder. It will not push the filament through any longer. It isn’t jambed, because the filament comes out, but it won’t feed either. What a mess. And the weirdest thing is, this same extruder had black filament in it when I received it. Now, I was able to just press it out with the fresh filament, but this leads me to believe this left side had issues from the factory and it was still sent to me! I’d like someone from Sovol support to make themselves available for me to get this machine sorted please.”

Hi Forge,
you won’t need a direct PC connection for updating your printer: It is sufficient to copy the new firmware.bin file to the top directory of a SD-card (FAT32, 4096 Bytes format).
Then insert the SD in the printer, power on & wait until the print menu shows up. If you were successful the the firmware file was renamed into “firmware.CUR”.


If you don’t see you printer via USB, you might want to a look here:


Thanks again Bjoern. That’s great to know. I don’t need the upgrade apparently, because I have the latest it seems. But it is good to know if one comes up. You really are a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate you taking the time to help out.

After a bunch of fighting and cleaning (I found what I’m guessing is the extruder clearing wire) I was finally able to get the white piece out of the extruder and the blue is now feeding. Here’s hoping the rest of my concerns can get addressed as successfully.

I think the black filament is residual filament when Sovol tests the printer since Sovol tests every printer.
If you wanna contact Sovol, you can email or PM Sovol3d on Facebook.

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Hi Forge,
did you already manage it that Cura recognise the printer? Because I have the same problem with Cura. The software “Repetier-Host” can communicate with the SV04 without any problems. Did you try this too - or other programs?

Hi Miguel,

No I hadn’t, but thank you for the suggestion because I will try that! I have a bigger, more concerning problem with my printer rebooting in the middle of a print, losing my work so I have to sort that out before I worry about the other details. Because if I can’t get a solution to that, I’ll be sending it back for a refund and depending on how I’m treated by support, might move on to a Weedo instead. I don’t want to, because I really like my SV04, but when I buy a new device the last thing I want to be doing is ripping it apart to fix it.

Thanks for the suggestion though. When I have a few minutes, I’ll give that a try. Thanks again and I hope you have a great day.

Hi Sofans. I wondered about that. The other side didn’t have any so it stood out as strange. I guess the question would be, if there wasn’t any on the right, but there was on the left, was it rushed out of testing, that a piece was left inside the extruder, rather than emptying it like it seems the right was? I did they know the left side didn’t release the filament properly, but released the printer anyway. Either way, it’s strange and doesn’t make sense. Thanks for the reply though. I do appreciate understanding more about the company. I really do like this printer, I just want it to work so I can start designing and printing the parts I need.

Same Problem with my sv04, Connection with repetier Host ans Server ist established but i can’t get a Conn. with ultimaker 5.4 or sovol Cura 1.5.7
The Board can not be the Problem when i get conn. in other progs. Where in cura are the conn. Parameters? Thanks!