Use of USB with Sovol

It’s been hit or miss with connecting the Sovol SV06+ to my Windows computer via USB cable. I printed all day yesterday, downloading from the Sovol app, and monitoring the progress of the build on the app. Today, the computer can’t see the printer. No other changes. So I had to put my gcode on that little mini SD chip and print that way. Very annoying and inefficient. Any ideas on how to make USB more robust? I was using USB3.0 port but that shouldn’t make a difference. (same port I used before). I restarted the Sovol machine, the Sovol app, and rebooted computer. Computer “dings” telling me it is connected to a device but that’s all.

You can use octoprint as I.
It works very fine.

I use Octoprint running on a Raspberry Pi 4 connected to my SV06 Plus via the USB port - works 100% reliably for me, I’ve been printing that way exclusively for months now.

Personally I don’t like printing direct from a PC over a USB cable to any 3D printer - the computer has to continuously stream G-code to the printer, so any hitches caused by multitasking can lead to print issues and of course you can’t shut down or restart the computer during the print, which could last a day or more.

Hence using a dedicated device running Octoprint to control the printer - I send the print job directly from Cura to Octoprint over WiFi, the computer is then not involved except if you want to monitor the print status through the Octoprint interface.

I even have the printer powered through a TP-Link WiFi switch so the printer gets turned on automatically by Octoprint when I send the job and turned off 10 minutes after the job finishes!