SV06 Plus and ethernet connection

I want to have the SOVOL SV06 Plus communicate via my ethernet. It would connect by using RJ45 connection.
Can this be accomplished?

Not with the machine alone.

Look into OctoPrint - it’s fantastic. You can connect a Raspberry Pi (or PC or other single board computer) to your printer via USB, then use that device’s wifi and/or ethernet to control the printer. It works great with the SV06 and I’m sure it’ll be just the same with the SV06 Plus.

The printer itself doesn’t have any type of network connectivity though.

So, what again is the use of the USB short of Octoprint?

in my opinion the USB ( which DOES need the 5v pin block trick for all creality type printer boards) to print directly from computer(s) or for connecting a octoprint or similar SBC setup for remote printing and control from another location on the local network

You can also control it AND get a great camera solution from Mintion with their Beagleprint Camera/controller. It’s WiFi instead of wired, but it works great with the SV06.