Is there a way to setup the SV01 Pro to be on the network?

Was wondering if there is a way to make the Pro a network device? I really hate having to load the file on the card, and transfer it to the machine… Thanks!

There is a way, but you need to buy a Raspberry Pi for $50 or so and then install OctoPrint on it.

If you google it, you will find a lot of information and YouTube Videos to explain how to set it up.

You can also use your printer to print a box for your Raspberry Pi.

That’s what I use and I wouldn’t be able to go back to SD card, there are too many good features and add-on with Octoprint.

And how does the Pi connect to the printer?? Does it do it thru the micro USB connection ?

Hi Hurrikain,
Ciol is right.
You can try to ask them how to refit it.
That is why forum exists.

The Pi connect through USB cable.
You should start watch videos on YouTube like this


Yes, Octoprint seems to be the way to go. I started looking into the Creality WIFI box, since my SV04 has a Creality controller, don’t know about the SV01. The reviews are so bad for the WIFI box. I had used Octoprint, to wifi monitor the printer, not control it. Worked well, but then my Pi died.

Longer rambling:
While looking for a replacement Pi, stumbled on a Chromebook for $70 new, and thought I could use that to connect a camera to wifi, and have full “computer” handy next to my printer. Then learned that Google really limits USB camera connectivity to the wifi for security reasons. Got it to work using Meeting app, sharing the camera in the meeting app. but then the free service ends every hour, and as you know that is not long enough. The other option I had limited success with was sharing the chromebook desktop with my other computer, but that also had a timeout issue if I remember correctly. Surprisingly running the chromebook Linux did not have access to the usb camera, which would have provide lots more options. I’ll need to do something soon, probably go with Octoprint Pi again.

I use Octopi for my setup and it works great.

Its a real shame about the short supply of units though. I would hate to have to buy from the scalpers.

I’m kind of lucky that I have a couple of spare ones for projects like this when I need them…