SV06 Plus on order

Ok I have a SV06 Plus on order and it is supposed to ship in April. My question is I will be using a Raspberry PI 4B with OCTOPI. I am new to the PI world and am wondering how to connect with the PI to get plugins and firmware updates. Does the PI need additional software?

Finding a Raspberry PI is the hard part , and finding one anywhere near the normal retail price is impossible. Until normal stock levels return.
Firmware is done with micro SDcard… but if it aint broke dont fix it. You dont “need” a PI for anything, tons of ways to run octoprint or klipper without PI. Octoprint can be ran on any computer, or a cell phone

If you already have the Pi 4B, you can download and install OctoPi via the Rasberry Pi OS Imager. Nothing further is required. Angus has a great tutorial here:

I use this from HardKernel and run DietPI with the OctoPrint package:

Here is a question now. So far all the instructions I have seen are for setting up the wifi but I already have two ethernet pots there. It would be simple just to plugin the cable. Will Octo Pi and the Raspberry PI 4B automatically see it and setup?

Absolutely. I use a hardwired connection for mine.