Micro usb cable

Does the 5v pin of the usb cable need to be blocked before connecting from pc to sv06 plus? I want to print from pc, not micro sd card, but i’ve read that some people fried their printer by using an unblocked usb cable. Some say use regular cable, some say it needs to be blocked. I have an old phone cable that fits it but am unsure if i should try it. Any input?

yes, it is better to do it.
I work like that and it works without any issue.

I didn’t do anything to my USB cable pins. It works fine. I don’t see any reason why you should need to do such a thing.

I tried to connect my printer to my tower PC for the first time back on May 17th. I used a standard USB cable I have used many times without issue to connect to another 3d printer as well as many devices such as phones, USB audio, etc.

A spark jumped from the printer port to the cable as I plugged it in, and a puff of smoke was seen. Since then I have not been able to use the printer. The SD card that was in the printer at the time is also unusable: it cannot be read, written or formatted.

It seems obvious to me that this problem is a design or a manufacturing problem and warranty repair or replacement should be allowed. However, if this is a design defect, I am not sure I want a replacement motherboard of the same rev.

Sovol service has been stringing me along for 2 weeks asking for pictures and videos showing the problem. The only thing the touchscreen ever shows is the initial boot blue screen. I’ve also tried formatting a new SD card and putting the firmware on it to flash the main board. Same blue screen of death.

This is extremely annoying. It is as if the company does not believe that the printer is broken.

The powered pin doesn’t need to be blocked unless you keep your pi plugged into its power source. I personally have no blocked it out and turn my print off at the power bar so it gets the printer and the pi.