Driver Error Printer Halted when trying to print

Hi all, just got the SV06 Plus and was excited. Got it all leveled and started a print to see if it would work, looked like it was going smooth, but cancelled it. Tried another little boat the next day and turned my back and it just went all sorts of wrong. I cleaned off the filament from the nozzle but ever since then every time I try to print it starts (goes down the left side and then shows the following error.

I switched nozzles, took the extruder off completely and made sure there was no filament stuck anywhere. All the connections seem tight. The bed will auto level and z adjust all fine, just happens when I go to print. All I can do at that point is turn it off and on.

I checked the advanced settings and they match the default. So not sure what gives. Any suggestions/thoughts before I go to support?

With the printer off & the power cord unplugged…
Unplug everything (Z, X, Y, Display, Filament Sensor)…and anything I forgot :wink:
Then plug them all back in, power up & try to print.

If that fails, you probably should re-flash the firmware.

Can I ask why you just started a print & turned it off, why not wait till you had time to print…??

No luck with disconnecting everything. Gonna try to reflash the firmware next. Having issues with the sd card that came with it now. It is saying it needs to be formatted but then windows can’t format it.

Plan to get a new sd card, put the firmware on it and flash it and then go from there.

It is odd it always stops before it actually prints. It gets about 2 squares in on the straight line of pla and then error. Tried usb printing today with no luck either. My only thought is something got messed up when the Filiment gunked up on the second print. It was covering the nozzle and part of the heat block when I caught it.

And I canceled the print cause I ended up having to leave and with it being the first print I didn’t want it to fail miserably (and filament be everywhere) and me not be there lol.