First start of my (refurbished) SV06 Plus gave me an 'Driver Error! - Printer Halted Please Reset' error

I just received my refurbished SV06 Plus printer from you, but when I turned it on for the first time (after putting it together), it made a lot of noise (while starting the Auto Home process) it showed an ‘Driver Error’

Already did a factory reset, strangely enough the firmware was set back tot 1.1.4. Before the reset it was 1.1.5.

I disconnected all wires and reconnected them again. What could be wrong? It’s my first 3d printer and I was hoping, that I would just build it up and turn it on… :slight_smile:

Was able to resolve the issue (with some support from Sovol Support). The cables on the mainboard were not connected correctly. When I checked them (and performed a suggested swap between X - Y - Z), i was able to fix the issue.

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