Firmware v 1.1.5

My SV06 plus shipped with version 1.1.5 firmware - I misread the date and believed that the firmware on the website was newer so I flashed it and found the current version of firmware on Sovol’s website is older than the shipped firmware. (version 1.1.4 vs 1.1.5).

I have reached out to support via email but have not had any response yet - is there a timeline for uploading the latest firmware and any reason the latest version is not posted online?

I am having some printing issues as well as slicer/g-code weirdness and I would like to rule out old/early firmware as an issue.

I haven’t seen anyone post anything about a newer Plus firmware.
As far as I know 2.23 is the latest (1.1.4 on the screen).

It usually takes Sovol anywhere from 2 days to a week to answer.
If you join the Facebook group, you might know something today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the reply - I don’t use facebook unfortunately, support seems to be very hit and miss.
I did get reasonably quick replies regarding my order and ship date etc. but not even acknowledgement of 3 emails on this and other mechanical issues i’ve had with the printer (y-axis stepper misalignement, linear bearings sticking - not just noise but sticking after greasing).

Image of 1.1.5 firmware below.

I don’t use Facebook either.
I knew there was a Beta version floating around, other then that…I have no info.

Here is a screenshot of mine.

Dude, that sucks.
email the TH3d dude. can’t vouch for it, but they do play hard with the paltform and have done custom firmware

I’m on 1.1.4, shipped from sovol us stock in april iirc.

You might want to look for a marlin export command, Post it to the github

what do you show for extruder esteps an driver currents?

I was pushing a little over, just reset from 691.xx(27)? dropped it to 684. is the correct firmware they released.

I didn’t post this the other day because it’s JMO…
Sovol released the firmware right after the pre-orders started.
When beater users started flashing the new firmware they posted that they were still on version 1.1.4. I think all Sovol did was fix the number to 1.1.5 but it’s the same build.
Like I said, this is JMO…but yours is the 1st post I’ve seen that has mentioned having 1.1.5.

That’s the Marlin version? You can have multiple versions of firware and updates based on the same version of Marlin?

I calibrated e-steps manually - it was pretty close from factory but I don’t know what it was originally now.

Both of our pics show Marlin

If you have you are fine. Wait about a month and the plus will be in the latest Marlin bugfix.

Could this be the screen firmware version? There is a note about that on the download page
I have 2 Pluses and one has 1.1.4 the other 1.1.5 just got the 2nd one that says 1.1.5

I was doing some poking around,…
In the slicer (prusaslicer, the one that does not leave me looking for a baby to punch after 2 minutes)
there is a dropdown for firmware flavor,

marlin legacy is default checked, but a Marlin2 choice avails.

we can use that, yea?

yes it’s marlin 2 for SV06+

It could be - Sovol support came back and said 1.1.4 is the latest version… no more details than that and no explanation as to the difference in what I received from factory. Had to ask several times to get that minimum answer so idk. Maybe a language/localisation varient

There was a video posted from a Facebook user that they were testing a Beta Firmware a while back, most likely this is the mysterious 1.1.5.

My brand new SV06 Plus (ordered just over a week ago) came with V1.1.5, however I accidentally flashed it down to V1.1.4 as the firmware update on the website only gave a date not a version number, and I stupidly assumed the version on the website would be the latest. (Otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered to flash it)

Sovol eventually got back to me with a one line reply that wasn’t very helpful but I was able to get a copy of V1.1.5 from here instead:

The V1.1.5 firmware source code is available from Sovol on Github at GitHub - Sovol3d/SV06-PLUS: The fully open source for the SV06 Plus Includes the stl file,step files, firmware source code, icon image for the SV06 Plus. please check sovol3d repository here and I made a decent attempt at compiling it myself using Visual Studio Code but got stuck on one compile error that I couldn’t figure out in the amount of time I was willing to spend on it.

firmwarefactory lets you compile your own firmware from source and has all the compiler toolchains etc set up - however there was already a precompiled V1.1.5 firmware for the SV06 Plus - I’ve been running this version for about a week now and it seems good.

As Sovol didn’t post the firmware on Github until V1.1.5 I don’t know what the actual changes between V1.1.4 and V1.1.5 are, but I do know my printer shipped with V1.1.5.

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