SV06 Plus firmware

Does anyone know where I can get the firmware for my sv06 plus. It looks like i need to reflash mine but im unable to find it on the site.

There is no new sv06 plus firmware yet, if there was it would be here Firmware Download | Sovol3d
Unless you have been messing with some 3rd party firmware you should not need to flash a new printer.

support got me the firmware. I wasnt messing with any 3rd party firmware.

@georgemoody whats a fellow sv06plus owner gotta do to get a copy of the firmware ?

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Below is the firmware they gave me.

The firmware says 2.23, but after I “think” I flashed it. (renamed to firmware.bin, put on formatted sdcard and booted). it still shows the original firmware (1.1.4)

No idea how to check the firmware of the screen.

Same for me, not sure if it flashed or not. doesn’t say 2.2.3

2.23 is a date code, it’s actually the firmware that ships with the SV06 Plus

Would this be the problem with my printer nozzle dragging on the print ?
Can the sv06 plus loose program from a power outage?

I’m having many issues and the nozzle getting too close to the bed when it starts printing is one of them.
I can set the z offset a hundred times and get it just right… and then as soon as it starts a print the damn thing must drop by a couple millimeters and just start scraping.

I think the sensor on my printer head unit is burned out on how far the headspace distance is. It lights up reading on setting the headspace but when printing it’s not lifting the head off the print and no light flashing on sensor…

Having the same problem and same solution. I hate staring at it to keep changing the settings :frowning:

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I printed the test bench fine when I first received my SV06 plus but since then, every print I attempt has the same problem. Around layer 4, the Z axis stops raising and the nozzle gets dragged through the previous print layer. Any ideas yet?

i think its the laser to bed but sovol customer service is slow responding my printer worked 3 days been down 14 days now starting to regret my choice for first printer…

I am trying to see if I can do a latest Marlin update, if someone has already done so it works with the display let me know. The original source code is already on git, but I can see they merged a few update after the marlin based they used so I need to figure out whats default marlin and whats been coded by sovol.

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I have a sv06+ that is about ready to power up. I have 2 sv06’s, I had my list of upgrade bits at hand when the second arrived, and diassembled it right out of the box. both my sv06’s are now like silent anvils, I have decent prusaslicer profiles for asa,petg,tpu,pla. I have been struggling with my sidewinder X2 since I bought it, it is silent, and pretty accurate, with a godawful extruder I’ve modded to about 50/50 sucess making a full roll model. I’m confident the sv06+ will be as good as the regular, perhaps I will be finding issues, certainly will be exploring community solutions, it is a peculiar method of cost cutting at Sovol, but I am, overall, a Fan

Please link to what you are referring to. To the best of my knowledge, no one has figured out taking the sv06 to firmware beyond that Sovol just released as open source.

Where you put the SD card? Where you plug like your printing SD card or in the hidden one inside the display housing?

sd card on top turn off put card in top slot turn on