Firmware 1.1.5?

What is the newest firmware ? Website shows 1.1.4 but some priters have 1.1.5 ? Is there chance someone who have 1.1.5 version to download it via Gcode and upload it to the GitHub ??
I also have so issue with printer going to HOME position.

Go into settings on the touch screen. I think under ‘about’, and it will show the installed firmware version you have.

I know i had version 1.1.5 but i accidentally flash 1.1.4 firmware :smiley:

Same problem here - my printer came with V1.1.5, when I tried to flash the “latest” firmware from the website (which doesn’t even tell you what version it is…) I initially soft bricked the device.

Emailed Sovol, two days later, still no response or help with the bricking issue, but I managed to solve it myself with a USB terminal and some searching the web. However I realised after flashing it the version on the website is V1.1.4 so for my troubles I have downgraded my firmware from what it came with. (That will teach me)

I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find an image for V1.1.5 and Sovol have so far failed to respond to my original email asking for firmware update help.

Any chance of uploading firmware V1.1.5 for the SV06 Plus to your website, Sovol, please, or answering my email ? Surely if it’s good enough to ship on new printers its good enough to be a download ? Not a good support experience so far, sadly.