Recent firmware for SV04

I bought my SV04 some weeks ago at Amazon. Since the Firmware is pretty buggy and incomplete (I had several unlovely head motions against the wall, OctoPrint moans about no support for host action commands etc.; it doesn’t recognize the g-codes M601 (pause), M117 (show message) and M73 (progress information)) I wanted to replace it by a recent version. The version that was installed on the printer shows up as 1.1.4:

but at the Sovol site the newest firmware version is 1.1.0 from jan 2022, which seems to be much older than the one in my printer.

Since I’ve no copy of my version 1.1.4 on the delivered SD-card, I will not be able to restore to the current version when I try to use any other version.

So my questions are:

  • How can I make a backup of the firmware version in my printer?
  • Where can I get a recent official firmware version?
  • Where can I get a working (that means without flaws and bugs) firmware version? Maybe @Bjoern is a good source :slight_smile:
  • If there is no compiled and working firmware available in the web (why?): Is there any description to compile it with Linux tools? I only found one relying on Visual Studio which I last used in 1997 :slight_smile:

Hi vboehm,
Sovol did not publish their firmware v.1.1.4, so far. Propably Sovol’s support will send it by request.
You can find my modified firmware versions & sources in my GitHub repository. Finding all bugs in an open source software of this size will require more time than I am willing to spend, therefore my firmware versions are just partially tested to fit my needs. Besides from that bug reports are always welcome. Please note that updating to my modified firmware requires an update of the display software, too.
There is a comprehensive description of the firmware build process on the marlin homepage. However, display is a bit differnt, this requires DWIN’s DGUS tool.