Firmware version 2.1

Hi, can anyone provide me with a link to John Carlsons firmware bin file V 2.1? I’ve reset my laptop and I didn’t save the sovol folder with the firmware in it. I had an issue with the svo4 and uploaded the firmware from the Sovol’s website and it’s crap. I did follow a link from John’s YouTube video to github but the link doesn’t work and I keep getting a 404 error, I searched github but still wasn’t able to find the firmware. In the past I’ve had no issues finding the firmware. Any help will be appreciated.

I found johncarlson’s releases here:

I prefer Bjoern’s, though, which is partially based on johncarlson’s:

Hi LanceB98 and thank you for the links. Unfortunately, at the moment my SV04 is 50% US, the left extruder is not doing what an extrudre should do and extrude. It looks like it is and issue with the stepper motor but I’m not an expert and I’m can’t say for sure. I’ve been in contact with Candy at Sovol eu she told me to send the video to Sovol tech support, but it doesn’t seem to be getting through. I left a link with Candy on Amazon UK to hopefully she will forward it to tech support. Only had this machine since April.