Building Firmware, which version?

Hello, I am building the firmware in VS Code and platformIO using the “Auto Build Marlin” Extension. There are two environments that build firmware
Which one do I build for the SV04, thanks!

The first one worked well for me.

A couple of notes:

  1. when I defined the stepper drivers (which are commented out in the source code which means Marlin defaults to the Allegro drivers) I got an error message from the compiler referring to a pin assignment so I had to leave it commented out.

  2. In configuration.adv.h I enabled HOST_ACTIONS so that it could communicate with my Octoprint. This enabled the communication but the printer behaved strangely afterwards so I returned it to the original configuration. Oddly Octoprint was still happy.

A thought - I’m not sure the Auto Build Marlin will support something as complex as an IDEX configuration. I’ve compiled a lot of builds for single X axis printers but looking through the source code I’m not entirely sure how this works. Just a heads up.

It did, built it, put the bin on the SD card and booted, it uploaded and the printer works fine.

Great job, good to know!

How did you do with the touch screen? Did you use the settings in the config files provided by Sovol and it just worked when using latest Marlin build? I can’t seem to figure out what type of display it is.

I built using their source, didnt change firmware, just firmware settings. With that said you should be able to download their source and see what settings they are using and change your latest marlin config to that

Ok, so with those files that one download from Sovol it is no issue doing the installation and change settings and the touchscreen just works. I figured that would be the case but was hesitant to try. Good thing there are those with more guts to do it! :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank’s for info!

One more question if I may?
You used their downloaded files and changed that to your liking and uploaded it with VS code?! And everything worked?
I need to do this now but I don’t know how the screen is controlled since the options that are ticked in Marlin as original to show up doesn’t, since it has another layout. I guess everything with display is done by separate code and Marlin really doesn’t care about that part then.


Hi there,
you might want to have a look at Brandon Phillip’s fine repository on GitHub. He retrieved the touchscreen files and made the sources available for download here:
There are different releases for the touchscreen that fit for the modified firmware versions he also released. You’ll find his firmware versions including sources here:


Ok, I will. Thank’s!