Building Firmware, which version?

Hello, I am building the firmware in VS Code and platformIO using the “Auto Build Marlin” Extension. There are two environments that build firmware
Which one do I build for the SV04, thanks!

The first one worked well for me.

A couple of notes:

  1. when I defined the stepper drivers (which are commented out in the source code which means Marlin defaults to the Allegro drivers) I got an error message from the compiler referring to a pin assignment so I had to leave it commented out.

  2. In configuration.adv.h I enabled HOST_ACTIONS so that it could communicate with my Octoprint. This enabled the communication but the printer behaved strangely afterwards so I returned it to the original configuration. Oddly Octoprint was still happy.

A thought - I’m not sure the Auto Build Marlin will support something as complex as an IDEX configuration. I’ve compiled a lot of builds for single X axis printers but looking through the source code I’m not entirely sure how this works. Just a heads up.

It did, built it, put the bin on the SD card and booted, it uploaded and the printer works fine.

Great job, good to know!