Can't compile SV01 Source

Trying to figure out what environment (and target board) the Sovol team uses to flash their boards. I need to change the T0 thermistor type from “0” to “5” and change the extruder max temp to 300c to facilitate upgrade to a Revo 6 Hotend. Unfortunately, every tutorial I’ve found uses the Arduino IDE (which doesn’t let me create a hex file - I don’t have physical access to the printer) or assumes that the source was a platformio project, but the Sovol source does not include a platformio.ino file.

I’m not a stranger to the Arduino IDE, I compile stuff on Mega2560 boards all the time, but this is turning into a massive headache. Anyone successfully compile the firmware lately? What did you use?

This should work:

  1. Download the matching Marlin firmware repository from GitHub, you’ll find it here: Studio Code
    The repository contains all platformio definitions you’ll need to build your project.
  2. Copy & replace all source files from your project into that repository.
  3. Build your firmware with VS-Code & Platformio. I could also recommend using the Auto Build Marlin addon, found here:
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Apparently, if you compile it in Arduino IDE and DON’T select a COM port, it drops off the hex file in your userdata directory. I was able to send that successfully to the printer via Cura.

Thanks for your instructions, I’m sure that would work as well.