Sovol SV01 PRO Firmware


Please release the source code for the firmware used in the SV01 PRO, or compile and upload a version that has Host Action Commands enabled, its as easy as just uncommenting 1 line in the Configuration_adv.h.

Marlin: Uncomment #define HOST_ACTION_COMMANDS in Configuration_adv.h and recompile.

So either compile and upload a version that has those enabled or give us the source code to do it our self please.



So nothing in 2 months…

Stop making promo’s about it and ‘fix’ the software for it :slight_smile: Or let us do it by giving us access to the source code…


Sovol, We’re still waiting for this. It can’t be that hard to release firmware that has this feature or the source code. What’s the hold up? Are you not going to do this for your customers?

What is the hold up?

As I see it I will now stop recommending Sovol products, as there are no software support at all! It doesn’t help to have a good hardware setup, when the software support dosnt exist at all!

It’s just a custom UI running Marlin… And if you chose to use custom software you also have to support it!!!

Time to start researching putting a basic marlin build on this hardware…

And DO not buy a SV01 PRO or any other Sovol printers without being sure you have access to source code or are able to update your own software.

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They don’t seem to support the hardware either…

Kind of wish I knew of this before I bought one.

Now step up and release a firmware with host action commands enabled. I don’t care about the source code at the moment, I just want this feature enabled.

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Stop sending out promos for new variations of printers and start supporting the types you have now SOVOL!

Not interested in more crap that will get zero support so you can keep the ‘new’ SV 06…

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I agree. I see so many comments about the great support Sovol offers but something as simple as this falls on deaf ears. It really is a simple, quick fix and would make many of us satisfied customers

@MayYoung Can you give us an update?

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Not even a comment on this from Sovol? At least tell us that it’s not going to happen?

Can’t say I’m going to recommend Sovol to anyone or that my next purchase will be a Sovol.

We are working on the process of open source. We will update it here when it’s available :wink:

That’s not a answer that’s stalling!!

Here is the exact reply i got 2 July when I made a ticket about it :

Thank you for your kind feedback. Yes, we will collect information from our customer about this need.
And we will release the source code soon.
Wish you have a nice weekend.

Best regards,

So nothing has changed / happened since then…

Stop making new models and give your paying customers some support. As Sovol has chosen to use a custom UI interface they also need to support it!

Soon? Doubtful. Here’s the reply to my ticket last week


I am sorry that the source code for the SV01PRO will be released one year after the printer released.

We would notify our customers on Facebook and also official website page at that time.

Wish you have a nice day.

Best regards,



And we don’t even need the source code if only Sovol would recompile the code with remote monitoring on. And upload that.

As it stands now the runout sensor only works if you print from the sd-card…


That is so disappointing.

Hi, everyone. We’ve uploaded the Sovol SV01PRO Source Code to the Sovol website. You can download by getting into the link :wink:Firmware Download | Sovol3d

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Been a long wait but Thank you!

Great news. Thank you!

Today I got to compile the firmware with the Action Commands and it works.

Well some do, some don’t…

The warning in Octoprint is gone though.

And you need to test more, try the runout sensor, it doesn’t work as Sovol is not using the Marlin code for it, but have written their own without the remote part. :frowning:

For me that’s a big problem as that is one of the main features of the printer tbh. But still the source gives us a base to try and make our own firmware.

Time for some experiments I think…