SV01 PRO Marlin config

Hi, Im trying to enable host action commands on my Sv01 Pro so that I can get the full communication with octoprint. There is no configuration file for the Sv01 Pro, will the config for the original SV01 work? The EEPROM editor in octoprint reports the machine is an Ender 3 v2. Any help is greatly appreciated

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I came here looking for the same thing for the same reason. Any luck? Sovol really should post the source code for the SV-01 Pro and config files as they have for the other printers.


I’m sorry for the inconvenience
The source code of SA01 PRO is not publicly available yet. Maybe in the future, we will make it public. Just like we make the source code of other machines public.
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Sovol Team

Maybe? I’d be very disappointed if I can’t get full use of my OctoPi. The firmware is also GPLV3 licensed.

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