Please enable HOST_ACTION_COMMANDS on firmware, allowing OctoPrint to be aware of printer commands.

hi @Giulio Your advice is well received and will be forwarded to the software engineers. Besides, feel free to share more of your voice. Any constructive advice is appreciated!

Hi @Giulio The HOST_ACTION_COMMANDS is currently enabled to allow OctoPrint to read the printer commands. Should you have any other questions, feel free to @“sovol3d”. :hugs:

Host action commands are not enabled in the SVO5 official firmware as far as I could tell, @sovol3d. To use octoprint with my SV05 I had to update and build the SV05 firmware.

Are you talking about a different Sovol printer? I think there is an official release for the SV06 that has them enabled.

In another topic I requested that host action commands in SV05 be enabled in a future release.

Hi @sovol3d the HOST_ACTION_COMMANDS is not enabled at SV04. My request was to enabled it on SV04.

Hi @sovol3d, do you have any planning to upgrade SV04 firmware to the new version of Marlin (2.1)? And remove the blocks on firmware for several features needed on daily basis.

Sorry, currently not.

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@sovol3d , Are HOST_ACTION_COMMANDS enabled for the SV06 PLUS, and if not, when will they become available. INterested in full Octoprint functionality.

Thank you !