Source Code Firmware

So I messed up my hotend/extruder while moving and swapped in an Ender 3 all metal direct drive extruder and I’ve been trying to get the CR Touch working since it’s on the other side of the hotend. I can’t seem to get the source code firmware to flash onto the printer. I’ve been using the Marlin Auto Build on VSCode and it seems to build just fine, but when I put the bin file onto the micro sd card, it either doesn’t seem to detect the file at all and boots up in the normal amount of time, or it gets stuck on the “SV01 PRO” boot screen. Whenever it does boot up, I still try to level it to see if the probe offset changes have taken effect, but it still initiates in the same spot regardless of what I change the offset to.

Okay a bit of an update. Seems like chaning the bin file name seems to do something. I still don’t know if the firmware is actually being updated since changing the probe offset seems to do absolutely nothing, but the bootscreen seems to be taking longer to go through

Nother update. Got the offset to work and got the extruder to reverse the direction, so I know that the firmware flashing is going through. I can’t seem to get the extruder to actually print though. During Cura’s flow print in the beginning, the extruder clicks and seems to get snagged. It also overextrudes quite a bit. When the actual print starts, it extrudes for a few seconds and then completely stops and won’t start again for the remaining of the print.

Here’s a video of it happening. Sovol SV01 Pro + Creality Direct Drive Kit - YouTube

I wish I could help, I’m going to attempt to flash my firmware