How can I tell if / why my firmware updates are failing?

I just got an SV06 with the monochrome LCD & Marlin firmware. It’s my first 3d printer. I got it for myself for my birthday.

I first printed the benchy with the gcode that was provided. It came out okay, but fairly slow, and swapping SD cards is a pain - especially where it’s convenient for me to keep the printer.

So I started looking around. At some point it became clear that I need to flash the firmware - either to an updated / alternative Marlin, or to Klipper.

I think I’ve failed to update it so far, but I’m not really sure. I put a firmware I build or download on a FAT formatted SD card with a name like “something.bin”. Power off the printer, insert the card and power on the printer. The LCD is briefly blank, then briefly shows “Sovol” in a big font and then shows the UI - it feels like it takes no more time when I have an SD card inserted than when I don’t, though I haven’t timed it precisely.

The Printer Info screen still shows “V2.0.0A”. The GCode “M115” command returns the same version info.

I’ve tried a variety of SD cards - 8GB & 16GB. SanDisk and Patriot brands. Formatted on Linux and Windows.

Have I failed to update the firmware or has it worked just fine but in ways that aren’t visible?

I am perhaps overly technical which might be interfering with my ability to follow simple instructions. In my day job I work on an open source operating system and for fun I (among other things) design STM32 based boards and write firmware for them. If you tell me there’s a debug UART I can get to by soldering directly onto the mainboard I’ll do that, if an oscilloscope or logic analyzer would be useful I have those sitting on my desk.