Firmware Update Issue

I’m trying to update the firmware on my SV06 but it’s not flashing. It’s been on the blue screen for a very long time. How long should it take?

Try it again with a fresh, blank SD card with only the file on it. (Reformat it fat32 if necessary.)

Same problem here. I have a fresh SDcard, formatted as vfat. The firmware file is the only file on the card (except for the System Volume info folder from vfat). I’ve tried SV06V2.0.0A_2.24.bin (the original name from Sovol), and also have tried renaming the file to: firmware.bin, FIRMWARE.BIN, firmware1.bin, FIRMWARE1.bin, firm.bin, and sv06v2.0.0A_2.24.bin (i.e., upper and lower case variants of each of the names). None of these work. Unlike the OP, the blue screen goes away fairly quickly, but going to “About Printer” still shows the original version of V2.0.0_A and there are no apparent operational differences (so, since there is no progress bar and since the version is identical, I conclude that the update has NOT occurred).

Could you have your team investigate the firmware update problem? It appears many other people are encountering this too. Thank you.

usually the bootloader on the 32bit controller boards NEEDS fat32 format and can not use any other formats other than FAT32

In my case, both SD cards I tried were formatted for VFAT. There is still no indication an update is in progress (such as a message or a progress bar) and the software version does not change in the “About Printer” menu.

vfat is NOT fat32, it is a later structure of the allocation tables and directories/files and is NOT readable by fat32 only OS’s