SV06 Bad Flash - Probably Needs Bootloader

I had a bad flash while trying to reflash the firmware on my SV06. Now I cannot upload any firmware at all. I just have a blank screen.

My symptoms are the same as the original post here:

But I am unable to recover, I have tried all of the methods. I formatted a SD Card to Fat32 and renamed the firmware file firmware.bin and tried other names too. Nothing helps.

In the past I have flashed a bootloader onto other boards, but I am not a pro at it. I still have an Arduino UNO and jumper wires, but I cannot locate the programming header.

Can someone help me out? Thanks.

Maybe this message can help you?


Thank you for your reply.

I just got it!! I tried a few cards, but this last one worked! Praise God!

What a stressful day. The other cards are going in the garbage.

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