SV06 Bad Flash - Probably Needs Bootloader

I had a bad flash while trying to reflash the firmware on my SV06. Now I cannot upload any firmware at all. I just have a blank screen.

My symptoms are the same as the original post here:

But I am unable to recover, I have tried all of the methods. I formatted a SD Card to Fat32 and renamed the firmware file firmware.bin and tried other names too. Nothing helps.

In the past I have flashed a bootloader onto other boards, but I am not a pro at it. I still have an Arduino UNO and jumper wires, but I cannot locate the programming header.

Can someone help me out? Thanks.

Maybe this message can help you?


Thank you for your reply.

I just got it!! I tried a few cards, but this last one worked! Praise God!

What a stressful day. The other cards are going in the garbage.

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I had the same problem and it turned out to be a faulty SD card from Sovol. The one that came with the machine. It looks like it works on computers, but the machine can’t read it. So throw it away get a new SD media card and put the firmware file on it and then the magic happens. Good luck!

Just popping by a few months later to say this happened to me too. I played all sorts of games with the provided SD card. Renaming files, reformatting in Windows, reformatting in Linux, trying long filenames, short filenames, duplicate copies of the same file, changing drive names, rebooting with no card, then rebooting with a card in. Nothing worked.

Got a new 8GB card online, formatted it the same way as the others, and dropped in the firmware without renaming and everything worked perfectly.

As near as I can guess, the cards that come with these things must behave strange at an electrical level. This “KingFast” card is firmly going in the trash.