Extruder , issue

Good morning Sorry for my English but I use a translator to write to you.

Possessor of the SV01 Pro since September 22, 2022, I have encountered problems with the extruder. It all started with the Hotbreak, which by the push of the extruder, left his accommodation. After several tightening of the small needle screw, the thread no longer worked. Extruder has therefore become HS.

Since the motherboard is original Creality, I tried to change it by a Creality Sprite Extruder model that did not find the part on your site and especially in view of its unreliable design. After some mechanical modifications (position of the Bl-Touch and the low point of the Y axis) everything worked well. But big concerns with printing. Indeed during an impression, I have the impression that the extruder no longer extrude after a few seconds. Same phenomenon after a voluntary extrusion of a few tens of centimeters, it is impossible for me to extrude anything. I have to turn off the printer and start the procedure again. Yet the version is the last. Do I have to redo a clean software installation?

Thank you for your advice.
Pym3d, France