SV01 Pro extruder replacement

My extruder was damaged and I couldn’t find the exact model of the SV01 pro, only the one of the original SV01, looking for the extruder of the SV01 Pro I found the one of the SVO6 Plus that caught my attention, just out of curiosity. Is it possible to install this extruder on the SV01 Pro?

Good luck! There is near ZERO support from Sovol products. If you send an email, its 1 week minimum for a response. I’ve been waiting for TWO MONTHS for an extruder for my SV01PRO. Funny how they have plenty of extruders for the new printers that are in stock ready to ship.

What aggravates me the most…I think its a solid printer for a beginner and price point. But if they cannot support their product, what’s the point in owning it?

Yeah, my extruder broke recently and I could’t find any replacements, ended up buying a regular SV01 extruder by accident, they didn’t respond to my cancellation email until it was already shipped, by some miracle it never left China and got a refund like a month later.
At the end I bought a Sprite Pro kit extruder on prime day and after playing with firmware i’ve got it working better than the original.

Did you have to print any adapters to fit the Sprite Pro? What about wiring, how did you manage that?

It wasn’t the Sprite Pro included in the ender 3S1, that one have a special cable, it was the Sprite Pro Kit which is an upgrade you can buy from creality, that one has a compatible cable, i didn’t had to print anything, it just fits, the only problem I had was learning how to configure de CRTouch offset and the E extruder

what parameters must be changed to make the creality sprite work on sv01pro ? Thanks