Just upgraded (successfully) SV04 Extruder E1 (Right Extruder) with Creality Sprite Pro

Easy upgrade but would be easier if Solvol sold a 20$ new mount/bracket. Otherwise plug and play and solder / spice into Heat and Fan.

Firstly the reason for the upgrade was with failing to print a two different brands of conductive filament (Both Extruders had the same Clogging failure). Reason: Not enough pressure on the filament even after futile attempts of upgrading to Dual teeth gear, strong springs, upgraded heatbreak, etc… I was able to get filament to extrude if I pushed on the lever to apply more pressure once the clog occurred (to be fair plenty of pressure as the filament would show signs of clog/filament bore, and I did try both less and more pressure. In any event the reason for this post is b/c I was not able to find any other upgrades on the interweb, and took the chance. Upgrade was easier than expected, but did require modification of both new Creality mounting bracket and the adjustable plate for solvol (I used E1 but would have been same for E0). reason for choosing E1 was simply I didn’t want to muck w/ BT sensor although the sprite kit cable does fully support and have the same pin layout to reconnect had I done so.

Step 1: Void all sorts of warranties
Step 2: Accept the reality that you may F something up and you are dealing w/ Electrical components
Step 3: Modify the Mounting bracket of the Sprite Pro Kit by cutting off would be cleaner, but bending 2 times was good enough to snap. Pilot holes and create new holes after using smaller pilot holes to mark positions for Step 4.

Step 4: Adjust and align drill points onto the SV04 aluminum Bracket. I used Drill and TAP to reuse the existing screws from the original sv04 mounting points. (Image 2 will show drilled / tapped hoes + what was going to be originally rivetted holes. Do note locations as to not impact the Slider if working on the right extruder. Also the mount point is on the right side however given the layout of Sprite extruder would equally work on Left Extruder (E0)

Step 5: Screw everything in including new Sprite extruder (not show, but L on bracket is mount point)

Step 6: Re-wire. In all honesty I thought this was going to be the most challenging part, but everything was unplug and re-plug w/ the exception of Heat and Fan 1 posts, which required soldering (Preferred) but I suppose clamping / heat shrink tubing etc as long proper connections were made would be suitable.
Step 7: Don’t forget to adjust the eSteps to 424.9
Step 8: Don’t forget to perform a PID calibration on T1
Step 9: Adjust / Calibrate Bed / Nozzle / Offsets as you originally did w/ printer setup.

Laser not required, but due to the nature of lasers bonus pic added:

Step 10: PRINT with a lighter extruder and overall solid look:

Happy to report two 350mm High successful columns of diameter 10MM at .8 think walls (hollow center) which would always clog mid way.

Enjoy pics, and if anyone wants an STL File for what would be a Plastic Bracket (I opted not to use the one I created and could not vouch for) show interest. Better yet show enough interest where Solvol may see it fit to provide a Mounting bracket for the Sprite extruder which would be a win for both Solvol keeping us a Solvol User.

Also if there is interest I have a bud that can print + shipping bracket + a few bucks for time, materials, etc… I would say this is more for comparison of print jobs from a bamboo which really helps learn level quality / details as I/We and all parties would not be able to validate longevity of said part. (yes that was a disclaimer of use / try / buy at your own risk).


Nice work! A friend and I each have an SV04. Both of our machines have failed extruder gears multiple times after switching to PETG/ABS. Hopefully this will be a long term solution to the problem. Apparently there are a few different brackets now on ThingiVerse and Printables. Thanks Again!
BR Jerry