SV04 Setup new from box

Hi guys and gals, after 6 months in a box I’m about to embark on setting up the beast.
Is there anything I should be aware of or be careful of ?
I am going to be setting up my Raspberry Pi to the printer as well .
Current printer is an Ender Pro so I’m going to have a huge learning curve ahead of me , so any help would be appreciated.

Hi Nickr

I also got this SV04 from an Ender 3 Pro.
And I’m also using Octoprint with this SV04.

When I got my unit the first issue I had was that the cable was going between my extruders and the sensors. It prevented my unit from Homing and It was doing some clacking sound.
The fix was easy though, by just using a cable tie to prevent this cable to move in between.

After that, I had to learn how to setup the second extruder so that it is aligned with the first extruder.
I got to say that Sovol got some nice easy video on this and that’s how I learned it quickly.

Once you got this done, then you can start mixing color or multi-materials. That’s were I had the most fun with the printer :slight_smile:

Let us know how things goes for you!

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Thanks Ciol, thanks for the advise,I will certainly let you know how it goes .