Replacement Exctruter

Need to replace or upgrade my exctruder. I am finding NOTHING on what’s compatible with this thing or where to go to simply replace what I have. Not that I wish this on anyone, but I am hopeful someone out there has found a good replacement exctruter.

Which brings up another topic. Parts in general? I find plenty for the SV01, SV04 and some for the SV06. There is nothing out there on the SV01Pro…

Bottom line, they don’t care. I’ve been in the same boat for months. Lesson learned

There isn’t much available unfortunately; some parts listed for the SV04 are interchangeable.

As far as extruder replacements go there’s someone in another thread here who recently wrote about installing a Creality Sprite Pro and there are a few on the Facebook group running the Biqu H2V2, the models to install that are on Printables.

Same problem for the last few months. Even located an original replacement, but adding just a little more of cash, I’ve purchased an REVO Hemera XS. My problem now, it’s spinning in the wrong direction, no matter what I put in Marlin.