Printer and touchscreen firmware

My plus has arrived and I gather everything ready to start. I don’t know what Printer and touchscreen firmware it came with but I see them on the website. Unfortunately there is nothing in the manual about reflashing, which is very odd. Do you have the release notes and update procedure for printer and touchscreen?


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I agree, the firware file available on the website is much later (2.23 vs 1.x that came with the printer according to the SV06 screen information), but also in the firmware download folder is another folder for I guess the screens firmware “DWIN_SET touchscreen firmware”, I assume that both need to be applied together? so maybe the version shown on the SV06 screen is actually the screen firmware version and not the mainboard?

Its a shame, the SV06 Plus came with a fantastic manual compared to any other printer I have owned, but the firware update procedure is clearly missing, also is the SV06 Plus also open source or is that only the SV06…

@sovol3d would it be possible to get the following:

  1. An option to allow changing the flow rate whilst printing
  2. An official SOVOL 3D Klipper firmware build
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