Display won’t turn on

I just finished setting up my printer and when I turn it on the display won’t turn on, everything is plugged in and it’s set to the correct voltage. I can’t figure out if it’s just a broken display or if I’m doing something wrong. Any ideas?

I had the same issue.
I followed the Sovol guide on updating the firmware - formatted an SD card (FAT32, 4096) and copied the latest firmware for my printer (a bin file) to it. Put it in the SD slot of the printer and turned it on. Left it for about 30 mins then switched it off, unplugged for about 5mins then switched back on.
Hope this helps.

Awesome Ty I’ll try this

Sadly it didn’t work, any other ideas?

Check the wire at the display & the board.

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this applied to the SV06 for me, presumably the + is samey same.

1 quality card, no other files, fresh format
2 firmare.bin may not work, FIRMWARE does
3 should you need to do it again later, *.BIN1, BIN2 etc are the format to use if it gets fussy.

I found this on some geek site, I can vouch for the efficacy, but not the etiology.

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Did you get the issue resolved?
It happened to me again and I realised it was a loose connection at my power supply…