USB size and type on controller

What is the size and type of the USB on the controller? Need to secure a cable and I have already purchased the incorrect one.

You mean the usb port, it’s a USB micro port (not mini, as some will say).

Does the 5v power pin need to be blocked/covered on the usb cable? Ive heard of people frying the printer if they dont block the 5v pin before plugging it into the printer.

it is a good idea to block the power pin for ALL creality based control boards as it prevents the board and screen drawing power from the usb when the power supply is off

How did you block the power pin 5 ?

Just to be safe micro usb is the old phone charger right?

Also second the how to block the power from the usb cable

Thanks in advance

i use a usb blockrs( on all my creality based printers) that I bought from th3d

You can also buy usb power blocker adapters off Amazon for about 10 bucks