Two Different, But Similar Parts At Same Time?

I have two similar parts (in size) and each one is small enough to have their own side of the bed. I have Cura setup so each part has it’s own extruder. If I select Dual mode on the printer, I am guessing both parts can’t really print at the same time because the extruders share the same X axis rail even though the parts have the same footprint. Am I missing an opportunity to increase productivity?


You are looking for the copy mode. It is intended to print identical objects in parallel.
The dual mode will print the two objects sequentially by switching extruders layer after layer.

Thanks @Bjoern , That is what I found here and thought I’d check in case I was missing something. Thanks again for confirmation.

Hi @urbnsr.

This video explains how to slice and print the model with five modes on Sovol SV04 IDEX 3D Printer on Sovol Cura. Hope it is helping.

Thank you very much. Great information.