Ultimaker Cura SV04 Printer Profiles downloaded from SOVOL website do NOT work for Mirror Mode

Sovol gets a D- for the Mirror Mode Printer Settings
It just does not work !!
But I did get it going by editting the Start G-Code for the “SOVOL-SV04 Mirror Mode” printer in Cura.

M605 S2 E1;
M605 S3 E1;

at the start of the G-Code and it works.
What fooled me for a bit is that even though these commands put the printer into Mirror Mode, the display does not reflect that and still shows Single Extruder Mode.

I just looked at the Start G-Code for the DUAL Mode and the second line is

M140M140 S{material_bed_temperature};

instead of

M140 S{material_bed_temperature};

which sucks a bit.

I also looked at the Start G-Code for the COPY Mode and I suspect that you will need to add

M605 S2 E1

at the start also but I have not verified this

Also beware that selecting a single extruder print mode in Cura after selecting COPY or MIRROR may cause problems as the Sovol Cura settings might assume the printer is in single extruder mode and not switch it to single extruder mode.

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Thanks a million, Ian! You saved me a lotta headaches!