Turning off circuit brake of my house

I´ve tried to turn my SV04 on, and it turned off the circuit brake of my house. It was working well 5 minutes ago when I finished a print and turned it off. Now It doesn´t power on anymore, and when I try, it turns the circuit brake off. I changed the outlet to use a different circuit brake, and the problem persists.
Any suggestion?

You may want to check the cable connections of your SV04 power supply in the bottom of the printer. Don’t forget to unplug the power cable before opening the housing.

Before I check it, is there any warranty violation if I open the bottom of the power supply?

  1. That question should be addressed to Sovol.
  2. Opening the printer bottom housing plate is not the same as opening the power supply. I had to open the bottom plate of my SV04 in order to get the display cable that was not lead through the housing.
  3. The power supply connectors shoulds be accessible without opening the power supply itself.

I opened the bottom housing, and everything is ok, at least visually. No disconnected wires, unwanted contact with the metal structure, and burn signs. If I disconnect the AC wires of the power supply and turn the printer on, the circuit break stays on. So, I think there is a Power supply problem.

This sounds like a pretty serious issue. Please contact sovol about this and don’t do anything that might put you at risk.

Hi guys. Thanks for all the support on this. Sovol guided me through some tests and finally sent a new power supply. I replaced it, and it’s working again. I´m back in the game :wink: