The printers need a calibration

Today I installed the bi-metal heat breakers and tungsten nozzles, so I decided to check and calibrate all values of my new SV04.
The PIDs of both extruders and bed are very different that the default value. I can understand in the extruders because I changed parts, but not the bed.
Finally the extrusion. The stored value were 415 in each extruder. After do the calibration three times the values are 405.00 and 426.18.

So do the calibrations, the machines need it!!!
For do them we need Pronterface (freeware) Releases · kliment/Printrun · GitHub, and usb cable and a bit of patient.

To calculate and store the PIDs a good guide is
To calculate and store the extrusion values, this guide has a calculator than help. Nowhere speak about it, in the Gcode in Pronterface the instruction T0 select the left extruder and T1 the right extruder. So select the extruder to do the process in each one.