A couple of issues with SV04 firmware

There’s a couple of issues with the latest SV04 firmware that really bug me (and I’m sure many others):

  1. There’s no way to input different PID settings for extruders. When I do PID tuning my extruders show considerably different values, and there’s no way to set different PID values for each of them. I have to average it and hope it works, or set it before printing when I use just one extruder. But what’s the point of having an IDEX when you can only have 1 extruder properly tuned at a time?

  2. Sovol sells bimetal heatbreak for SV04, but has no firmware to support higher temperatures.

Are you planning to address any of these issues and if you do - when?

Thank you @akholic for your feedback. Your information has been synced to R&D, and update would be posted here.

Hi akholic,
your observations about the PID settings is correct. The solution us to enable different PID settings in the Marlin firmware. This can be done by uncommenting the
PID_PARAMS_PER_HOTEND setting in the “Configuration.h” file. Here you can find my SV04 firmware with this & some other changes. The matching display software can be found here.


Hi Bjoern,

Why am I not surprised that you were the one who responded? :slight_smile:

So just uncommenting that line and compiling the firmware should be enough?

I took a look at your firmware. That looks more interesting than the stock firmware, so looks like that’s what I’ll be running once I get the printer dialed in. Your firmware will need maxtemp and the screens changed to 315C and 300C respectively, right?

Hi akholic,
you are totally right: removing the comment in front of PID_PARAMS_PER_HOTEND will allow separate PID settings for each nozzle. And for “sizzling Marlin firmware version” HEATER_0_MAXTEMP & HEATER_1_MAXTEMP need to be altered. All settings are located in the “Configuration.h” file.
My current display software limits nozzle setting temperatures to 260°C, but the adjustment menu during the print process has no upper limit for that. I’ll remove all nozzle temperature limits in the display software soon & update my repository.

P.S.: The updated display software release is here.

Thanks, looking forward to that version. I should have my printer dialed in by then.

Thanks, that doesn’t leave me much of a choice but to test it :slight_smile:

Going over the screens for the latest release, looks like the 16 and 17 still have 260C.

The nozzle temperature limits in the latest display software have been removed. As stated before, the upper temperature limits depend on the settings in the “Configuration.h” file.

In order to prevent overheating hazard I will not put a “sizzling” version of the Marlin firmware with altered temperature limits in my GitHub repository. I put it here instead.

Hi, How can I open your screen source code?
I have got problem using DGUS_V7642 software, simply can’t open your project, other projects like bphillips09 2.0B3 version are ok.
Can you point me solution?


Hi Andrzej,
assuming that you downloaded the sources available on the “code” page of my GitHub repository this might be a linux/windows line break issue. I did observe such things, so far, but I’ll have a look at it using a windows desktop soon.


OK, I will be waiting for your reply, thanks

Hi again,
the problem was not a line break issue. Obviously I had uploaded a non working DGUS project file… the problem should be fixed now. Sorry for that confusion, these are my first steps using git & GitHub.

Now it’s working.

Thanks a lot