TF vs SD causing some problems with Octoprint. SV01

Octoprint reports that the “TF” reference to the SD card is causing some communication errors.

In practice, what’s happening is that, when I upload to Octoprint I don’t have the option of copying to the installed SD card as well. I normally copy my gcode files to both Octoprint and the printer’s SD card so that, should my Pi fail, I still have the ability to print from the card.

What is “TF” and is there a firmware update I can install to switch it to the standard “SD”, instead?

im at home 90% oft the time I use sd cards

I dunno how to solve this, but I have never used this feature. I put a better power supply to the pi and a usb ssd, which I connected to the pi from a powered usb hub. I found that I could achieve 30+ days uptime on the pi without any problems. I would rather go this way.

@jantyikt I have not had to use this feature often, but it’s actually very useful in a production environment.
Regardless of your uptime on the Pi, Creality needs to stop calling “SD” cards “TF” cards in firmware, as this has no benefit and screws up compatibility. In this case, it’s breaking a feature of Octoprint that you didn’t even realize was there to help you. :smiley:
I don’t know that Sovol has any hand in changing the firmware. You’d think it would be necessary as their extruder almost certainly can’t use the same e-steps as the one that would have been on this frame. While they’re in there, maybe they could fix the incorrect SD card label?

Well, that’s not very useful to this discussion, then. :confused:

Get a Pi. Use OctoPrint. It will change your life.

I can’t use the SD slot on my SV-02 because the slot is nowhere near the board and if you try to insert a card it just falls in the case. This SV-01 has a usable slot, but I’m not going to walk around exchanging cards like a pleb. Not when OctoPrint provides a way better interface and no chance of losing or zapping an SD card.

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