Octoprint Info

Thought it would be good to have a place here to talk about octoprint on our Sovol printers.

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Just wanted to note that when I first started using Octoprint the Print Time Left estimages were way off, much longer than the actual. I added a plugin called the Ocotprint PrintTimeGenius plugin and on my first print with it today the time left estimates appear to be spot-on. Worth a look.

Info here on backpowering when using a Pi to run Octoprint. Backpowering can cause erratic behavior.

On some Sovol printers {SV05 confirmed) on current firmware you need to modify the HOST_ACTION_COMMANDS section (remove comment markers) and build the source in VS Code to enable Host Action Commands, so the printer can fully communicate with Octoprint.

This runout sensor integrates w/Octoprint running on Pi: