Target temperature was not met at the hotbed

I got my new SV04 a couple of weeks before, and about a week ago, I started getting the error on the attached picture. It stops the printing and fails it.

Actions I’ve taken:

  • power cycle: reset the error but not prevents it from happening during the next job
  • measured the bed temperature for the temperature runaway. Tests show +/- 2C on the bed, which I think it’s fine
  • I’ve flashed the firmware, but still getting the error.
    I keep getting the error. I’ve sent the ticket request but didn’t hear back. Please help

Hi @KubaBuba

Sorry to read about the inconvenience. Here’s the engineer’s suggested steps to help rule out the cause root.

  1. Measure the resistance of the hotbed thermistor to see if it is normal and feedback resistance value after measurement for judgment (must be measured at normal room temperature, preferably with feedback pictures).
    Measuring method: The multimeter gear rotates to 200KΩ gear, and the multimeter measuring pen is placed on the terminal of the thermistor wire. Same method applicable to measuring the nozzle thermistor.

The pic below shows you an example.

  1. Measure the resistance value of the hot bed heating wire to see if it is normal and feedback with a pic if possile
  2. Set the hot bed to be heated separately, measure the output voltage of the hot bed interface on the motherboard to see if there are values, and feedback with pictures if possible.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to try.