SV04 heating failure

Bom dia,
tenho um SV04 em 3 de Abril de 2024 e uso pouco, porém agora que deixei um pouco mais de tempo ela apresentou mensagem de heating failure, mandei aquecer a cama separadamente e ela não aquece, as extrusoras também apresentam erro antes de chegar a 190ºC
como posso resolver???

Check the power supply. It is possible that it no longer provides enough current.

Thanks for the tip;
The voltages are OK, but I’m buying a new 24v 30A power supply for testing.
If it is not the Source, is there anything else that could cause a defect?

If either the nozzle or the bed didn’t work, it could be something else but if both are broken, for the moment, I don’t see anything else.

You could check your heatbed as recently discussed here.
The firmware nozzle PID-settings might deviate too much, nozzle PID-tuning might fix that problem. In order to tune the right extruder the parameter E1 instead of E0 has to be used.

I am going to try

Good afternoon,
I tested the power supply, voltages were ok,
When I order the table to be heated, the output sends 24v,
this indicates that the source supply and the mosfet are OK,
I tested with two power supplies.
Could it be a firmware error???

Hi there,
a firmware error influencing temperatures only is quite unlikely. Anyhow, you’ll need to provide more information in order to get a better answer:

  • Current firmware version;
  • Exact failure description - there are 3 different screens: “Thermal Runway”, “Heating Failed” + “Thermistor Error” & description what has been done before the screens showed up;
  • Terminal output of PID-tuning procedures for bed & both extruders.