Switched filaments SV06 plus won't extrude

So I have had my SV06 plus for 3 days now. I printed a bunch of benchies and calibration prints with a white PLA. Once I got my slicer settings dialed in I switched to a black PLA and printed a few things. I then wanted to print some things with an orange PLA. I loaded it and I saw the filament go from black to orange, but in my excitement I forgot to feed the filament through the run out sensor. When I hit print it ejected the filament. I came back and saw that it hadn’t printed anything which is when I realized what had happened. When I tried to reload the filament after running it through the run out sensor, it wouldn’t extrude anymore.
I figured it was a clog and so I used the small needle to unclog it, which didn’t work and then I switch to a new nozzle which also didn’t work.
When I load the filament and unlock the motor to manually feed it in, it will spin but not move any filament through.
Thank you in advance for your help

I had this issue too but realized I was doing it wrong. Now I put in the filament as far as I can. There is a lever you pull outward to feed it in. Make sure it is hot of course, then tell the printer to feed it in. You can do it manual with the wheel but you may need to unlock the wheel first. Make sure it comes out before you print.

I’ve noticed that since the feeder is a planetary direct drive the gear ratio is high, you need to turn the knob more than you think. I was used to my Ender, where it was a 1:1 ratio. A single turn is hard to even notice the filament moving

good tip, I didn’t know this. I used the EZ-extruder wit my ender and it was also 1:1.

Wow I just had to do another nozzle replace and had the same issue but his time the only way to fix it was to first unlock the head. then turn the dial CCW to eject (this was needed) the CCW, and like
ijaaz said more than you think,CW and finally it worked.

So I just watched a video for a different one of Sovol’s printers and they talked about how softer filaments can jam up the gears. I just opened up the side and degunked it and physically removed the jam.

I just had to make sure to straighten out the filament before insertion