SV07 LED lighting so bright as to be useless

Yeah the LED is so bright it blows out my webcam. I hope they find some way to control it beyond on/off, because its potentially very useful, I mean the light is always where I want it, its just so bright the whole thing is just a brilliant white smear.

Sorry to be terse, but you can set the level.

No no, don’t apologize – but how?? On the printer itself it only has on/off and in the web gui there is a slider but it doesn’t do anything.

Strange - I had a slider on mine on the LED page.

Off --------------------^------- On

Since I’ve upgraded, I’m now seeing the same as you - Off or On. Guess that we need to make a request for the next upgrade. I’ll also look at the printer.cfg file and see if there’s something there that we can do in the mean time.


I’m glad that I’m not crazy lol

Thanks for checking into it, it’s appreciated!

if you add this to the config for the led it will let you control brightness

pin: PC4
pwm: 1
value: 1
cycle_time: 0.001

in the original config it had this but with a cycle time of 5 seconds so the pwm just made it flash, with this cycle time it works to dim but flickers a bit in the camera depending on the frame rate

Works like a charm! Thanks Tom!!

It also looks like they’ve updated that in the new update.

out of interest, where are you getting config updates from?

The “Update” option on the control panel initially (Configuration → System → Update), but the current one is from Sovol to fix my last botched upgrade that bricked the system.

My current version is 1.08-07P

oh, i didnt think that would get config updates from sovol, cool thanks